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Story writing and Blog

Hi my amazing readers!!
I thought that I should talk about super cool writing techniques and how I write.
It can be very hard to start but when you start writing it gets really fun and exciting. I write quite a lot of stories and stuff with my best bud. The first thing you should do is get inspiration. In my opinion inspiration is the key to writing an amazing story and a successful story in all truths. You can find inspiration anywhere. You can find it in nature, a band/singer on the TV… everywhere!! You can even write like a sequel to your favorite book or movieĀ (I might have done that one a few times haha šŸ˜€ ). The inspirationĀ I use is my bestie’s love life haha it’s a lot more intresting than mine. We basically write stories for each other and then swap them and read over.

Ok here are some pretty cool themes for you guys to try:
.Factual (something serious)
.Type of autobiography (’bout yourself)
There are loads more different types of themes, but these are the first few that popped in my head I’m sure you guys can think of loads more!!

In my opinion blog writing is a bit harder but a lot more fun and challenging!!
For a blog you need to come up with some really good topics to talk about. You need to make your writing interesting and to keep the readers reading (same with story writing)
A good thing to do is properly organize what topics you should do. When you do this think of topics that interest you and that are quite fun. Remember you should do some serious things to like what i did with my bulling post. The appearance of it should be interesting and eye catching with a really cool title!

Well that’s all for now i think if you want to know more about the stories that i right please comment and i will gladly talk more about them. I hope you guys might share a story or two with me i would love to here them because all of you readers are AMAZING!! and one final request from me before i leave if you have anything you want me to talk about please comment thank you
Peace out